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Neocomp Systems, Inc

Multi-Vendor License & Service Contract Management

Vendor software and hardware license and service contract management can be a complex and challenging task for any organization.  With each vendor maintaining their own unique licensing program with their own rules, regulations and contracts it can be difficult to keep tabs on all the licensing programs you’re using.

Managing a multi-vendor environment with many different support contracts can exhaust your time and resources.  Discovering a maintenance renewal at the last minute; finding you’re out of support; or having to pay penalty fees are just some of the more common risks.

Our Software Licensing Service gives you the ability to source multiple software products and solutions directly from us.  We have strategic relationships with industry-leading software publishers and access to more than 1,000 vendor solutions.

With our Service Contract Management Service you can have all your subscriptions, support and maintenance contracts managed in one place.  Eliminate the risk of a coverage-lapse of critical assets.  Easily renew and register all your maintenance contracts.  Every vendor has a different format, a different activation threshold, and a different level of service and support.  Neocomp can simplify the complex process of managing all your service contracts.

Neocomp offers your business an extensive License and Service Contract Management feature set:

  • Maintain all your licenses, subscriptions, support and maintenance contracts in one place
  • Track contract vendors and their contact details
  • Know which assets are covered in your contracts
  • Certified Licensing Specialists
  • License Sales & Renewals
  • License Compliance
  • Service Contract Sales
  • Service Contract Renewals
  • Service Contract Registration
  • Service Contract Administration
  • Vendor Warranty Administration
  • Software Subscription Administration
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Help Desk Support